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Had an awesome day with my babe.

Stay tuned.

Hey Missoula! Hey Utah Fall! Hey Virginia Beach!

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The Dirty Dash: save 20% on registration!

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This post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of The Dirty Dash.

Run Recap: 7/31
Distance: 1.52mi
Time: 21:44

This was my first run in a long time. If you know me at all, you know that I am not a runner. I don’t like running. Most of the time I’ll say I hate running.

But sometimes I run.

Today I decided to go for a run. One of my goals for August is to run with my Zombies, Run! app twice a week at least. I wanted to get an early start, especially since I have no other plans for today. I changed into my Tribesports capris and sports bra, pulled on a thin racerback shirt, and borrowed a pair of Adidas running shoes from my roommate (my shoes are falling apart and don’t give me enough support anymore).

The day was warm. The day was humid. I was stupid enough to head out at 11:30am. Yuck.

I just did a quick loop along the Oak Leaf trail here in the Milwaukee area, heading back after a pretty short distance. I am way too out of practice to jump into anything longer right now, but I’ll get there.

Plus, look at the creepy tunnel I ran through!


Great article about runner Julie Creffield:

“Despite my size 18 frame I am a runner,” she wrote on the Huffington Post. “I have in fact been a runner for the last ten years running everything from 5k fun runs to full marathons. I run because I love the feeling of running, I love the community of runners where I have made many friends, but I admit I also run to keep control of my weight, and to help me lead a healthier and happier life.”
She has recently launched the website Too Fat To Run which will provide first-time runners with the resources, including safety tips, to make their dreams a reality. The site will also sell merchandise, because, you know, you got to keep the lights on. Actually, one of the coolest things “Too Fat To Run” is doing, merch-wise, is selling runners apparel that provides a range of sizes for plus-sizers (most fitness wear does not clothe women past a size 16 or 18). The idea is to be able to make this business profitable enough to make “stylish, sexy, technical apparel” for plus-sized athletes.
"What we need are practical solutions where women feel empowered to be more active and where exercise is seen as something enjoyable and fun rather than a chore and something we must do."
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