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A few days before my birthday, Jeremy and I went out on a mini hike with Winston. It was freezing and windy, but I wanted to take a couple photos. Too bad it was, well, freezing and windy.

Photos from camping at Inks Lake! Including dead trees, yoga in the hills, and Winston the corgi. All photos taken by me (except the ones of me, which were taken by Jeremy).

Experimenting with controlled falls tonight at the gym. I’m going to be so bruised tomorrow.

My first pole video! The routine was brand new to me, so it’s rough in a few places, but it’ll serve as a good reference point for future progress. (Also, the floor bit after the final reverse spin was improv.)

In case anyone has more money than they know what to do with (a whole. whopping 1 of you, probably), here’s my wish list for the holidays. This isn’t me asking, it’s me offering… to take stuff you buy me. Kidding! But some people have asked, so here it is.

I can finally touch my foot to my head!

I can finally touch my foot to my head!

“When did you go on pointe? How many years did you take ballet until you went up? Can you just tell your whole dance story?”


When I was a junior (I believe) in college. One year. Sure!

It’s long, so I’m putting it behind a Read More.

Read More

I found it! Looks like the message either got sent or got published to my main account, so I’ll share it here for you all. Yay!

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