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MyKayla Skinner // qualifications

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So, we’re playing around in class at NECCA and, apparently, I can do this move. Had no idea.


2013 P&G Championships - Simone Biles

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“To the anon asking about doing high school gymnastics, I would recommend taking a class at your local gym. Many offer starting classes for girls who are older. Also, if you end up competing, (many girls in their first year don't) you're going to need somebody to choreograph a floor routine. Just things to think about! Good luck! :)”

Thanks for sharing! That’s all good to know.

“I am 14, and I really want to do gymnastics in high school next year. I have never done gymnastics do you think is too late to start?”

Nope! You’ll likely be on the lower end of flexibility when you start, but don’t get discouraged and keep working on it, and you’ll have a lot of fun. One of my elementary schools did a lot of gymnastics stuff in PE and it was so much fun.

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