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Paris Opera dancers warm up in the foyer de la danse [source]

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"Diet and fitness are not about hating or punishing our bodies; they’re about taking care of something that you love - yourself!"

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This routine will challenge you a little bit more and take approximately 15 minutes. You can repeat it once or twice, as needed. You will need a pair of dumbbells (4-10 lbs).

Side to Side Lunges

Get into a sumo stance and shift your body to one side then the other. Go nice and slow and…

Dancing with your hair down


How To Read A 223-Page Novel In Just 77 Minutes 

Spritz is a company that makes a speed-reading technology which allows you to get through a mass of text, reading every word, in a fraction of the time it would take if you were turning the pages of a book or swiping through a Kindle.

The basis of Spritz concept is that much of the time spend reading is “wasted” on moving your eyes from side to side, from one word to the next. By flashing the words quickly, one after the other, all in the same place, eye movement is reduced almost to zero. All that’s left is the time you take to process the word before the next one appears.

The company is selling licenses for other companies who might want to use the technology in operating systems, applications, wearables, and websites. Obviously, the tiny screen of a smart watch instantly springs to mind.

But the real revelation of Spritz is in trying it yourself.

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Dorothee Gilbert masterclass


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