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“Nooooo! You shouldn't eat too much fruit because it's really high in sugar and too much sugar will make you gain weight. Everything is good in moderation.”


1. This isn’t true

2. Don’t tell me what I should do I didn’t ask for your opinion

3. I won’t stop eating fruit because it “will make me gain weight”. I eat for my physical and mental health not my appearance

4. I’m so tired of people thinking gaining weight is the worst thing that could happen to me

5. Unsolicited advice isn’t good even in moderation

Melon Mania


Drinking water isn’t the only way to stay hydrated in the summer heat. With a water content as high as 94%, melons are a refreshing and sensationally sweet treat that can aid in quenching your thirst. Whether you enjoy them sliced, cubed or halved, these summertime delights are a healthy addition to any meal or snack.

When picking out melons remember these helpful hints:

  • Melons with a fragrant, sweet aroma are ripe.
  • Cantaloupes are mature when the rind changes from green to a golden color between the veins.
  • Choose cantaloupes that are heavy for their size, with a fruity aroma and thick well-raised netting.
  • Avoid melons that are soft, bruised or have a flat side, and those that are cracked or shriveled as well as those that have an attached stem.

After carefully selecting your melons, remember the following storage and handling tips:

  • Keep uncut melons at room temperature until fully ripened.
  • Ripe melons should be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.
  • Pre-cut melon should be eaten within 3 days.
  • The surface of melons can contain harmful bacteria, so be sure to thoroughly wash melons before slicing.
  • Cut melon can be refrigerated, wrapped tightly in plastic, for no more than 4 days.

Check out this Watermelon Salad Recipe, perfect for a snack, lunch or just a casual backyard picnic!

- Anna Dean, MS, RD, LD, CTTS and Kendall Mitte, HDL Inc. Dietetic Intern


Fruity Striped Ice Cubes.

Because plain ice cubes are too boring. These ice cubes are made of fruit juice, smoothie and coconut milk. You could simply play around with any combinations you love.

Adds a whole new dimension to your drinks, not to mention its beauty. A sure conversation starter at any party. Great to get your picky kids to drink some fruity goodness too. 

  • JUICES: I used store-bought grapefruit juice, mango juice, limeade, and made some strawberry/beet juice.
  • SMOOTHIES: I combined kiwi, cucumber, mint and lime make for a beautiful green smoothie blend.
  • COCONUT MILK: I layered a lot of these cubes with coconut milk, which can be poured right from the can.

Play around with your combination, the choices are endless.





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