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“Do you have to be an experienced dancer to minor in dance? I am asking because I really would LOVE to study dance for the rest of my life but I never gotten training....ever. I never had the money or emotional support.”

Nope! (Well, maybe, depending on the school.) At most schools, you’ll be starting in beginner classes, then moving up as you learn more. You’ll likely be studying dance history and anatomy as well, and possibly things like Alexander technique or Pilates to help build awareness of your body.

The best thing for you to do is talk to the dance department at your school. They’ll be able to tell you what they expect out of the minor students and can tell you what to expect while working towards the minor.

A minor in dance is a really great way to get involved in dance without dedicating your life to it. Depending on what your major is, the minor could help you work in managing a dance company, teaching dance, doing fundraising for a dance company, and a lot of other things. It’s a great door-opener!

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“I'm really interested in going on pointe, but I'm enormous for ballet (6 feet tall with usa size 12 shoes) and I don't think they even make pointe shoes in my size, and I know tall girls are often discouraged from trying pointe, because we just weigh more. Any suggestions?”

I did pointe with a man. A young man. In pointe shoes. Surprisingly, the dance store in the area had his massive size in stock, whereas I had to special order mine because of how wide my feet are.

Being tall will make some things more difficult. You may have a more difficult time turning because your center of gravity is higher, things like that. But if you work at it, there’s no reason why your height should stop you from enjoying it.

“How long does it normally take to get on pointe?”

That depends on a lot of factors. For me, it took one year. But, obviously, if you start ballet when you’re 6, you won’t be put en pointe a year later.It depends on your age, your strength, your technical skill, etc.

What I always recommend is talking to your ballet teacher(s). Let them know you’re interested in doing pointe and ask them what they’d suggest you to work on to reach that goal. They’ll be better equipped to help you get there.

“Okay, I grew up that way too. Eating fast food and food from the cheapest source we could find. I just thought it was interesting that you were against organic food. I am not wealthy or "privileged" no matter my skin color.”

I’m not “against” organic food. In fact, the ask you’re referring to wasn’t even by me, but a post I reblogged from a Tumblr I adore. But no one I’ve ever met is “against” organic food. I’m just not going to pretend that organic food is available to everyone or that it’s the best option for everyone.

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“I understand supporting what people can afford. But eating that way will only live to more expenses when your body starts shutting down. But we all have our own opinions. I didn't mean to come off so harsh.”

Long-term notions like that apply only when you can afford to worry about them. Growing up, my family could rarely afford great food. We ate a lot of stuff from cans, a lot of processed foods, a lot of fatty foods. Because when your options are a calorie-dense food that also is high in sodium or not getting enough calories to make it through the day because you’re only buying organic, there is nothing wrong with taking the choice that keeps your organs working.

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“Are you kidding me? Are you really supporting fast food over organic food? Wow”

I support food. I support whatever food you can afford, whatever food you can prepare, and whatever food you like. Organic food is fucking expensive, especially if you live in a food desert. I don’t support food-shaming.

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“Is it ok to eat whole grain bread and peanut butter everyday? Like as a snack with fruit, or sometimes just for breakfast or eating peanut butter right out of the jar (in moderation)”

Absolutely! (As long as you don’t have, like, a peanut allergy.) Whole grains are awesome fiber for your body, and peanut butter has amazing fats in it, as well as a lot of protein. Pair it with jams or jellies or sliced apples for vitamins and delicious carbs that will give you energy for your day.

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