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“I start my ballet classes at a studio this week and im really nervous because its something iv never done before. Is there any etiquette that one needs to follow? And do you have any advice so maybe im not so nervous?”

Ooh, etiquette question! That’s different! There are some basic things to follow to not appear rude in a ballet class:

And it is totally normal to be nervous. I’d suggest getting there early and introducing yourself to the instructor before class begins. If they know you’re brand new, they’re likely to give you gentle corrections and not assume you know things, so you’ll feel less pressured. And remember that things are going to feel strange: the muscles used in ballet and the way you’ll be moving are not normal for your day-to-day life, so it’ll be a big change.

Have fun in class!

“Hi! I love so much what you're doing! I've been working out for a while now, and have decently defined and strong muscles, but it takes a long time before I feel my muscles actually working now, especially in the abs( taking at least 50 sit ups). Do you have any ab workouts or exercises that would be for a higher skill level and more of a challenge? Thank you so much.”

There are some super intense ab workouts if what you’re doing has become too easy. The simplest way to ramp it up is to add weight: doing sit-ups with a weight held to your chest, doing planks with a weight on your back, etc.

There are also more intense moves that you can add into your workout. is an awesome resource for this. This article has a handful of super-intense ab exercises, including video demonstrations! You should also check out their ab exercise database, which you can further filter down by level, equipment needed, etc. (Plus, the database can be used to find exercises for any muscle group!)

I hope that helps!

“hi! so today at dance I almost fainted and was dry heaving(I sat out obviously) and I realized that I have been getting tired very easily lately. I was wondering if you knew any cardio things that will make me tire less easily? thanks a bunch :) xx”

That sounds terrifying!

The big thing that jumps to my mind is making sure you’re okay on a day-to-day basis. Are you drinking enough water? (Remember that when you’re active, you need more than the basic recommended amount.) Make sure you have a water bottle with you in class (and refill it before each class). It’s also a good idea to mix up your water with something full of electrolytes, such as coconut water, Pedialyte (which you’ll find in the baby section of a grocery store), or a drink mix.

Also, are you getting enough calories? Really, though, are you? Not what you’ve decided is enough, but how many you actually need? Check out this post (warning for calories and unhealthy eating talk) for help figuring out your daily calorie needs.

If you’re fueling yourself correctly, then we may have a stamina issue. And it can be complicated to figure out what you need since different dance types are different types of cardio when you get right down to it. If you’re doing a style like contemporary, where you tend to be going for a long time without breaks, I’d suggest a half hour (up to an hour) on a rowing machine or elliptical to build long-term endurance. If you’re doing something like ballet, where there are bursts of high-power dancing followed by more gentle dancing or even a complete stop, I’d suggest doing HIIT on a treadmill. HIIT will build your stamina for knock-down, drag-out intense dancing where you have to go from 0 to 60 quickly.

I hope all of this can help you figure stuff out so you never have to feel that way in class again. <3

Edit: people have brought up that this could be an iron deficiency. I have never dealt with an iron deficiency, so it didn’t come to mind. Check with your doctor about possible iron supplements!

“About the 3 30 day challenges you just reblogged: could you do them all at once or would that be too much?”

It wouldn’t kill you to do all three of them. Just make sure, as you go, that you’re not over-exerting yourself. But since the rest days match up and they all increase at a reasonable pace, you should be able to use the three challenges together for your workout.

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“Hi! thank you for your wonderful and helpful blog! It helped me preparing my dance recital. I've started ballet 4 years ago, at 25 y.o. (adult classes). Now they require me to do at least front split and to improve side ones. Any tips? I can do almost the front one, but I've no turn out and side splits are hell!”

Honesty time: I’ve never had flat splits. My side splits are about 19 feet from being flat and my front splits were, at their best, still a few inches off the floor.

That said, the biggest thing for flexibility is consistency. Stretch every day. A few high-intensity stretch days, a few relaxed days with less pushing of yourself. Check out yoga poses (and my stretching tag) for new ideas that may get you deeper into the stretch. Make sure you warm up really, really well before a stretching session. Use a resistance band or a partner to help you push yourself.

Lastly, congrats on starting ballet as an adult! It can be scary, but you’re clearly having fun!

“How much do you weigh?”

That’s, like, the least important thing about me.

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“Do your workouts really help?”

Well, they won’t walk the dog for you and they can’t cook dinner, but they can help you get more fit, gain muscle, encourage you to move more, etc.

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