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Yummi Pouch Review

A while back, Yummi Pouch sent me a handful of their reusable pouches to try out. I received one Sport, two Brights, and two Minis, as well as a pouch cover for the Brights. At first, I was taken aback. But these Yummi Pouches quickly became a favourite in my apartment.

Yummi Pouches are designed for families with babies and children, but honestly, they were useful even for the three adult women in my apartment. For kids, the pouches are a less messy way to transport drinks, smoothies, applesauce, and more. The cap twists off easily and the pouches are easy to squeeze. They’re a great way to be silverware-free when the kids are being active or aren’t old enough to use a spoon.

In my roommate “family,” we found that our top way of using them was to freeze them, making lemonade, juices, and smoothies into slowly-thawing smoothies and drinks, keeping them cold much longer than usual. Add in the pouch, and a frozen drink can stay frozen for many hours. Because of this, we use them frequently for picnics, longer trips, and when at sporting events.

I can imagine a long list of uses for the pouches: use a Mini as a ketchup-holder at a BBQ and squeeze ketchup onto buns, scoop some ice cream into a pouch of root beer for an on-the-go melty root beer float, or make your own soup-at-hands.

The hardest thing, in my opinion, about Yummi Pouches was cleaning them. We didn’t own a bottle brush when these arrived, and it was very hard cleaning down in the curved corners of the pouches with a normal sponge. With the addition of a standard bottle brush, which I needed for my water bottle anyways, the cleaning is a breeze. Also, Yummi Pouches are dishwasher-safe (just keep them on the top rack) and you can buy dishwasher-safe stickers for children (or adults) to decorate their personal pouch with.

What did I love most about Yummi Pouches? It’s hard to say. I loved the designs of the Brights, especially the purple swirly one. I loved being able to make and store my own smoothies easily. I loved having a frozen drink even hours after I arrived at an event. I loved being able to eat applesauce on my way to work without needing a spoon and having trash left over. I loved it all.

My tips for using Yummi Pouch:

  • check out the fill line. If you overfill, you won’t be able to close the pouch without making a mess.
  • have a bottle brush on hand for cleaning.
  • freeze them! Freeze everything! Experiment.
  • make sure you have the zipper tightly closed so you don’t risk a leak.
  • if your kids tend to lose things, buy a pack of extra caps.
  • bring more than one. Even the Sport size doesn’t hold much, so if you’re using a Yummi Pouch as your main hydration source, you’ll need a few at an event.

So whether you’re looking for a kid-safe way to transport yogurt, applesauce, and drinks or you’re a smoothie addict who wants to store their leftovers easily, Yummi Pouches are for you!

Disclaimer: I received these products for free in exchange for this review. I was not otherwise compensated and all opinions are my own.

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