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I'm a college student and a dancer, and I'm working to lose fat, gain muscle, become more fit... and help others do the same!

My Ask Box is always open to questions, suggestions, or if you just need to talk. If you'd like something to be answered privately, just let me know in the message. (Note: anonymous questions cannot be answered privately.)

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“I know requests like these are annoying...but I was wondering if you might take a look at my blog and consider promoting it. I am not asking because I desire followers. I am asking because I desire people's stories. I have stage IV cancer and, optimistically, 6 months to live. There is a whole world I want to experience and I hope to do so through people's stories. Any help you might provide in getting my final request out there is beyond appreciated.”


Yes, of course. This isn’t annoying at all. Readers, please go share some stories about your life with someone who wants to experience all they can.

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