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Heads up, guys.

I’m not going to be around much this week. My lease ends tomorrow, but J and I don’t have a new place (as we might be moving to Chicago or we may be moving to Austin; we’ll know by Friday) so we’ll be staying with some friends. But moving and cleaning and everything is going to be taking up most of my time.

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  1. kolbe said: If you are moving to Austin that would be so wonderful, I live in Austin and would love to meet up!
  2. onethousandbites said: Austin is amazing! If you need any studio recommendations if you end up here, let me know! Good luck with your move!
  3. little-dance-lady said: Be careful and enjoy the scenery!
  4. imthequeenandwatchmeconquer said: Good doll and be safe :)
  5. andreaazul said: Good luck with everything!
  6. petchicken said: Good luck with where ever you may go.
  7. bluntbonniesbanginbody said: Austin is fantastic!! You’ll love it if you move here. Everyone is so healthy!!
  8. chantygrace said: Good luck I’ve moved 5 times in the last 3 years and it sucks!
  9. selene42 said: Good luck and hope things go smoothly!! Chicago would be lovely though :D I love my Midwest
  10. hawkeyecowgirl said: *times when being an adult sucks* i hate when things are up in the air like that. hope ya’ll get things settled soon, good luck :)
  11. backonpointe posted this
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