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I’m looking for more non-traditional fitblrs. I have a ton of yoga, dance, and blogs of that nature to go to when I need to restock my Queue, but I’m looking for more of the following:

  • Fitblrs run by POC
  • Fitblrs run by women who lift heavy and/or compete
  • Fitblrs focusing on people with disabilities
  • Blogs run by plus-sized Fitblrs
  • Positive HAES blogs

These are things I want my blog to offer people, but I can’t write about them personally.

Do you know any Fitblrs that fit these categories?

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  1. myfit40s answered: I just started my blog recently; I don’t “focus” on my disability but I talk about it & am definitely plus-sized
  2. seestudentrun reblogged this from backonpointe
  3. thinkhappythoughtsornot answered: I’m an Hispanic/Native American, single Mom lifter. I haven’t posted a ton of photos yet…
  4. goneleft-end answered: my fitblr is, i am big on promoting body positivity and the HAES idea :) i just started though.
  5. will-trigger-dont-look-sorry answered: Would you post this list with the ones that you like? Could definitely use more of these on my dash too.
  6. theironingisdelicious answered: I post as and I am size 18-20!
  7. xenaspet said: I run a nutrition blog. Still learning about blogging but I definitely believe/promote HAES.
  8. skyegetsfit reblogged this from backonpointe and added:
    Me! I’m a plus-sized POC fitblr :)
  9. gifts-curses answered: blondevsworld…she’s great
  10. blackqueenoftech answered: fullfatflitblr, hardbody-kelsey, mine. ;)
  11. stormshadowsandlight answered:…
  12. likewiseimsure answered: POC/plus size fitblr : thefirsthundred.tumblr….
  13. sanguinesu answered: My humble little fitblr is here: getoffthecouchgrouchy.t…
  14. herecomeshoneyboobies answered: Experimental College Girl.
  15. losingmyselph said: I’m a POC fitblr. Check me out!
  16. three6633 answered: militaryfit-bombshell
  17. diaryofahappyfatima answered: Organicallygourgeous You probably already follow her though and I’m slowly becoming a fitblr but its hard to put myself out there
  18. stormshadowsandlight said: plus sized!!
  19. raebaeb answered: Heyfranhey is more of a nutrional, health & wellness, and fitness type of blog. Getfitwithnic is a fitblr. They are both POC. :)
  20. reasontobebrave answered: blondevsworld is a competitive lifter, beccaliving is a college girl who’s a heavy lifter, is a plus crossfitter
  21. aelisel answered: isabellelovespeanutbutt… She is proof that any body type is capable of being succesful at yoga.
  22. randilizm answered: Plus sized Fitblr here! Add me
  23. youvsyou answered: deadliftdamsel, betterthanweak, chroniclesofness, if I remember anymore I’ll shoot you a message! I lift, but not heavy yet. Soon!
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