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I'm a college student and a dancer, and I'm working to lose fat, gain muscle, become more fit... and help others do the same!

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My Current Goals:

Health Goals

  • add more fresh fruits and vegetables to my diet
  • continue on my recovery
  • remove negative people from my life
  • begin using Recovery Record consistently again
  • learn more about Pilates machines and their use
Dance Goals
  • continue on pointe training
  • get my front splits
  • try another hip-hop class
  • get my arabesque above 90 degrees

Yoga Goals:

  • scorpion pose
  • increase my back flexibility
  • do heated yoga on a more regular basis
  • handstands
  • re-study the yamas and niyamas
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    reblogging cause half of these are also my goals
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  4. petchicken said: These sound like amazing goals. Good Luck. You can do it!
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  10. sweetbabies94 said: I had never heard of the recovery record app before this post. I just downloaded it and it seems awesome. I think it will be perfect for me to start reaching for healthy lifestyle goals instead of strict weight loss goals. Here’sto keeping it up. :)
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