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about me

When I asked my friends for ideas of what to write here, I got the following suggestions:

  • write it from the perspective of my pet bird
  • "I’m a crazy bird lady, I like ballet and pointe shoes and something about a fuete." (He meant fouetté.)
  • "the lyrics of Baby Got Back"
I’m not going to write any of those.

Instead, let’s start with the stuff that really isn’t important but that everyone wants to know. I’m Lita, which is technically pronounced lee-tuh, but it’s usually just said as lee-duh since t’s suck. I’m 23 years old, and while I grew up in a number of small towns in southeastern Wisconsin, I spent my years after high school in Milwaukee. I attended UW-Milwaukee, first as a Russian language major and later as a dance major. I have a leopard gecko, Krii, and a cinnamon green-cheek conure, Reginald. I live with my boyfriend Jeremy and have a younger sister, Shayna, who lives in Wisconsin. Oh, and I’m a vegetarian.

When I was little, I dreamed, like many little girls do, of being a ballerina. But in a single-parent household that moved frequently and had no disposable income, I was never given the chance to even try my hand (feet?) at ballet. The desire lingered dormant until I got to college and decided to enroll in a ballroom dance class to have some fun. It took me by surprise how much I loved the class, and soon I was taking not only ballroom, salsa, and swing classes, but also ballet, jazz, modern dance, and yoga.

After a year of ballet classes at the university, I was sitting at a local dance studio one summer afternoon waiting for my modern class to begin. A rehearsal was in progress, and as this studio was where many of my dance teachers performed, I knew I’d see some of them as they left the studio. What actually happened was what I never expected. As she walked out of the studio, my ballet teacher saw me sitting there and stopped to talk. She asked me if I had enrolled in her pointe class for the fall semester. I hadn’t, of course, because you need special permission to join the class. She told me I should think about taking it, saying that I would really enjoy it. With her permission, the dance department added me to the class and I began pointe training in October of 2011.

During the 2011-2012 school year, I also studied traditional West African dance and Pilates, both of which were amazing unique experiences.

As I began to realize that my love of dance had not died in my childhood, I began to look at my body and they way I was living, and I was disappointed. While all of the dance students at school had crazy schedules and ate on the go, I was allowing myself to restrict all day and eat lots of fatty foods in the evening. In high school, I had struggled with binge eating, but college had been a safer place for me until I had to deal with the bodily criticisms that come with dance. I began over-exercising and restricting my caloric intake, all of which only succeeded in making me cranky and unhappy.

Eventually I came clean to my friends and began working towards recovery, which I consider to be a lifelong process. I began focusing on health and strength rather than weight, and that’s where the current incarnation of Back On Pointe came from.

Questions from readers:
What are your professional goals?
I want to work in dance. I’m not too picky, though I would love to dance modern ballet and various forms of modern dance, as well as choreographing and teaching dance classes. In a perfect world, I would found my own ballet school and run a small Pilates studio. (Jeremy wants me to open my own community-focused, body-positive gym.)
What’s your favourite food?
All the stuff a “good” Fitblr would avoid: pasta, cheese (I’m from Wisconsin; it’s in my blood), donuts, etc. But I also love asparagus, veggie sushi, scrambled eggs, honeycrisp apples, and frozen yogurt.
What’s your favourite color?
Blues and silvers and greys.
If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
Flight. I love the wind in my hair.
What else do you like to do?
I do photography, write poetry, read a lot, and used to sing all the time. I’ve done acting as well, though I get some stage fright. I lvoe studying mythology.
What do you wear in inclement weather?
For rain, I just bring an umbrella and walk quickly. For snow, a big heavy coat and tights under my pants.
You can contact me either through Tumblr or by e-mailing me at backonpointe[at]gmail[dot]com.
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