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I'm a college student and a dancer, and I'm working to lose fat, gain muscle, become more fit... and help others do the same!

My Ask Box is always open to questions, suggestions, or if you just need to talk. If you'd like something to be answered privately, just let me know in the message. (Note: anonymous questions cannot be answered privately.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Special Pinterest User Edition:

Oh my gosh, you look great! How did you lose all the weight?
I didn’t. You’re likely talking about a before-and-after I reblogged that someone then put on Pinterest. It’s not me.

Where can I find the recipe for [whatever]?

Where can I buy the flats that look like pointe shoes?
Here, for over four hundred dollars.

Who are you?
Not a doctor, not a therapist, not a professional. I just have real world experience in injuries and losing weight. I don’t have all the answers, but I’m willing to share the ones I’ve got.

How tall are you?

Where are your workouts?
All of my workouts (plus a couple not by me) can be found here.

How can I lose fat from my thighs/hips/waist/arms?
You can’t. You can’t target fat loss. The only way to lose fat in one spot is to lose fat all over through a healthy diet and increased activity. You can, however, target muscle gain.

How can I lose my belly fat/pooch?
You might not be able to, especially as a woman. Stomachs naturally curve due to the fact that you’ve got organs in there, and women naturally hold weight there to protect and warm their reproductive organs. But losing fat there is going to be the same as losing fat anywhere: see the question above.

How many calories does [insert workout] burn?
It’s impossible for me to say. A workout doesn’t burn the same number of calories for everyone. The amount of calories any workout burns is based on your age, health, etc., as well as your heart rate during the workout.

What is a [Russian twist, burpee, bird-dog, star jump, etc.]?
Go you YouTube, type in “[name of exercise] exercise” and you’ll find plenty of videos showing you how to do them.

I [sprained an ankle, broke my arm, etc.]. What workouts should I do?
I’m not a doctor. I’ve never broken or sprained anything. I don’t know. Talk to your doctor or a physical therapist or you could end up hindering your physical recovery.

I’m [14, 22, 35, etc.] and I want to start dancing. Am I too old?
To dance for fun or for your health? Never. To do it professionally, maybe.

What pointe shoes do you wear?
I use Grishko 2007s in a 6.5, 5X size with a medium shank.

Can I post one of your workouts on Facebook, Pinterest, etc.?
Please do! I only ask that you do not edit out or crop out my URL on the image. (And it’d be nice if you linked back to the original post.)

How many times should I do each workout?
It’s up to you. Some people only have time for a couple minutes. Some people put together a number of my workouts for a longer, more intense time. Experiment and find what works for you.

Still have a questions? Send it to my Ask Box!

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